Huawei PSmart 2019

We have been waiting for it and now it’s here!! Yes Mr Mantshinga Biko came to deliver the Huawei Psmart2019 to me personally, customer and fan relations from this guy is always 5 star!!! It has launched in South Africa today 1 February 2019 and Huawei has asked me to test this sleek machine. Retail price starting from R4999, it’s available in Aurora Blue (the one I received) and Black.

It’s going to be a fantastic experience using this machine that has a 6.21″ Full HD screen and an AI camera. It’s battery life lasts for the entire day, such a dream come true. Grab yours as soon as you can, you don’t want to miss out. Keep your eyes peeled as I will be revealing more about this phone.


School Sports Day

Woohooo, I love this part of being at school. Ohh that’s for the Twins 🙈. I love the mood, I love the spirit and I love the colours!!! Today the Twins had their sports day.

When it comes to athletics, correct me if I’m wrong but it’s not for everyone. The Twins did not make it to the team that hits the tracks so they were in house support. They have a bold colour for their house, they’re house red 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽. I had not informed them I would be attending so just imagine the shock when they saw me at that field. They said they’re surprised I’m attending because they didn’t make the team and you know what I told them? I told them they are the team! I there is no motivation or drive on the track of there is no cheering. I also had to remind them that no matter what, mummy has their back.

They had the time of their lives and so did I because I showed up, I was dressed in house colour and I cheered for every house and child. Blue house came first followed by red, yellow then green. Well done kids for making it a lovely day.

Grade 1 we are here!

This is the day that the Lord has made. My Twin babies are in Grade 1 yaaaayyyy!!! They were up bright and early 05:30 and asked if it was school today.

I had ‘home schooled’ the Twins for a year because I just couldn’t afford school. This wasn’t going so good because half the time I’m tired from work, I need to then cook when I get home, I was trying to study then having to teach them as well. I felt I was robbing them and I stopped at nothing to make sure they would be back in a school!

God will always see us through, of course we also have to put in the determination and hard work for the recipe to be a success.

The Twins settled in well, they remembered their teacher from orientation day. They were asked if they wanted to sit together or separately and Amadeus answered: we are Twins we sit together 🤣. I left with my heart at peace, they’re in good hands and they have each other!

Thank you so much to everyone that has also played a role making this whole single mum gig bearable!

How did back to school go for you guys?

It’s almost time!!!

On Wednesday 9 January the Twins officially start Grade1 and I am all over the show, different kinds of panic. Having to do all of this alone is quite overwhelming in every aspect.

➡️ I have to finish labelling everything by tonight.

➡️ There are a few items outstanding.

➡️ I generally get anxious over a to do list that has 3 or more items 🤣.

I’m trying to find some sanity because I don’t want to drive my Twin babies crazy and lead them to think that this is a scary ordeal. It’s a new chapter of their lives and I will do my best to play a positive major role in a smooth transition.

Wish me luck guys. Are you ready for Back to School vibes?

Krispy Kreme Loyalty Program

I can never get enough of birthday treats. All you 🍩🍩🍩 Krispy Kreme South Africa fans🍩🍩🍩 need to download their loyalty app. Did you know that on your birthday they send you a Happy Birthday message that has a surprise you can redeem at your nearest Krispy Kreme store? It’s a whole dozen of Original Glazed Doughnuts!!! It’s valid for one month so you can be strategic about it.

Other features on the app include a list of stores, vouchers and the epic one…. You can send your contacts a gift. Tap an amount, select contact and you could make someone’s day sweeter😍. How about that for a loyalty program?

Thank you for my birthday treat 🍩🍩🍩.

Will I date again?

Cupid has neglected me for a bit so I decided to hunt him down and point the arrow to myself by clicking a dating site! I was very excited about this after hearing how others have found true love and sailed into the sunset with their new found love.

I glammed up and shot the ‘perfect’ pictures for my profile and (((boom))) I was on and ready to date. It really didn’t take long and I had an overwhelming amount of notifications. Wooohooo prince charming here I click! I browsed through all the notifications and there was everything from eye candy, the beast, the frog and even my hoped for prince charming (so I thought). It didn’t take me even half an hour to screen the 120 notifications and narrow them down to 3 that seemed to have potential.

They engaged in conversation and it really didn’t take them a week to suggest something sexual. I was left with zero potentials by the end of the week damn man! At this time I have 320 notifications and I just deactivated my account. I’m very picky (rightfully so), a bit impatient and have my guard up. I really hope Mr Right was not among those notifications but that’s when I realized I’m so old school. I want Mr Right to see me in the grocery store picking tomatoes and have his breathe taken away by my sight then he walks up to me and helps me choose the best tomatoes.

There are people I personally know that found happily ever after from dating sites so it’s not a bad thing. All I’m saying is, it’s not for me.

Have you tried dating sites? How did it go for you?

Trunki SA

Thank you so much to Trunki SA for such a speedy delivery of our prize! The Twins are super excited yaaaayyyy!!!

➡️ Amadeus is wearing a Puddle Jumper that never deflates and assists children that are learning to swim by promoting floating.

➡️ Adeodatus is wearing a Paddle Pack that happens to be a water resistant backpack. I personally love this because I have had moments where we carried a backpack of clothes that got wet at a pool party and we couldn’t change.

Visit for more incredible products!

Is my Dad in Heaven

My journey as a single mother is quite complex. I tried the co-parenting thing and it seems I complicated things by getting involved with the father of my kids. Yes that’s right, I formed what I thought was the greatest alliance ever. We could still raise our kids together and sort of have a relationship of our own. A part of me ‘loved’ him enough to lay my all for him and the Twins. I made sure a relationship between them was possible even if I had to fight to make sure he saw them. Then now I ask myself, why should I have to ‘make’ it happen? Isn’t he supposed to just want to see them?

So in July we had the Twins birthday and the dad was very much involved. It always makes me happy seeing the Twins happy, they loved how hands on their dad was and best part he bought them bicycles that they had been wanting for a very long time yaaaaayyy!!!! There are events that I will disclose in a different post that transpired and left a very deep toxic wedge in my relationship with the dad. Dude why you gotta keep the Twins bicycles though????

Since then, he has not spoken to or seen the Twins. It started with excuses of work and would opt for the helper to look after them while I went to school the weekend. The Twins would call from their mobile number and there was never an answer. They would leave voicemails expressing how they miss him and asking then begging to see him. No call or voicemail has ever been returned. I have always reassured these brokenhearted sad faced babies, telling them how he ‘is at work’. 

Amadeus asked me if I could buy them a new daddy? Why would my 6 year old son have such a request? His answer was because their dad has forgotten them. Adeodatus continues to want to call even if there is no answer but he is on the verge of giving  up. He said maybe we must just leave him alone because why is he not calling us? I told him he is probably busy and he said maybe he just doesn’t want us anymore! My heart shattered into a million pieces and I told him that is not true. The deal breaker, Amadeus asked me if the dad went to heaven??? How do I answer that honest, desperate question? My eyes flooded with tears as I asked him why he would ask this question? His answer was simple, he has forgotten us and doesn’t love us anymore. I choked on my own words as I told him that the dad does love him (I was choking because even I don’t know that anymore). I gave so many big hugs and kisses to him and told him how much I love him too. 

I am not perfect, I’m so far from it but I try to be there for my children the best that I can. They will still always want even if its 0.05% from him which I cannot guarantee they will get but I will give them my 100%.

Tree Top Adventures

There are so many fun filled, adventurous outdoor venues in Johannesburg. I found a fantastic one!!!

The Twins birthday was creeping up on me and I had to do some serious homework to make sure their party was different from all the others they had. Treetop Adventures provides different courses/packages for different age groups so you find that your ‘big kid’ will also be catered to by the activities.

As a party venue, It is magical. We had a covered spaced that faced the dam and zip-lining is done just over the same dam. We had opted for self catering so we hired a braai stand, brought our charcoal and our forest braai was on. Catering services are also an option even party decor and setting up. 

The Twins took on the Course below:

Woodpecker Course (Purple)

Age: Children aged 3 – 7 years
Obstacles: 10
Zip-lines: 2
The Woodpecker course is constructed with platforms at an average height of 1.2m above ground to enable adult assistance where necessary. This course builds confidence and independence in young Tree Top Adventurers as they move from platform to platform across various challenging obstacles and two zip-lines.

Visit more detailed information and you could be one step closer to being the best parent ever!

What outdoor gems have you come across for the kids? Please share, you will be helping out parents in need. For the photography on the day we had

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